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Hi! Welcome back. I am Ajay Adlakha, Editor-in-Chief of Rural Marketing business portal, and if you have been reading all my blogs you already know how close my mission is to my heart on simplifying rural marketing for the marketers. As part of the six part series, The Great Indian Rural Mall, you have read blogs on Rural Haats, Rural Melas, Rural Sports and Rural Festivals. To continue the series, here you can read a new perspective on Rural Mandis. I am hopping that this blog will ignite new energies in your marketing plan and will change the face of your business. Rural Mandis are the market places where farmers sell their farm produce to the traders. If your target audience is rural India then you cannot ignore the great platform for rural marketing, the Rural Mandis. According to a recent NSSO study, India has 90.2 million farmer households who constitute 57 percent of Indian rural population. It is practically impossible to reach 70 percent of Indian population living in these villages. However, as a market fellow you can catch the 57 percent of rural population through farmer households in these 7,000 mandis where they sell their produce and intend to buy the goods they need for their farming as well as for their household requirements. The size of the farmer turnover and geographic reach of mandis alone make them a unique platform for marketers to interact, communicate, demonstrate and influence the farmers. These market places infuse big payments of their agriculture commodities into the pockets of farmers and pump their consumption power. After all, all money is meant for spending. Hence, this daily mass gatherings generate huge potential for the brands to reach the rural consumers thorough these market places. Let’s see the list of products that catch the eyes or are necessities that reach the cash-rich farmers. Cut to the chase, anything that is consumed by rural households can be marketed at agricultural mandis. However, there are some specific products which can get you greater monetary benefits from these market yards such as agrochemicals, automobile & lubricants, tractors, farm machinery, tyres & tubes, durables, banking & insurance, cattle-feed, FMCG and so on. Mandis provide a plethora of opportunities for the marketers to directly communicate with the farmers. They give you opportunities to interact with farmers and get their feedback, live demonstrations, conducting research, experiential marketing and brand communication. In order to create visibility you can use traditional and non traditional media such as wall paintings, trolley paintings, roof paintings, audio buzz, inflatable branding, banners, hoardings, some engagement games and contests along with some customised activities varying from one mandi to another. Apart from directly selling products and services to the farmers, mandis also provide big platforms for brand building. You have seen in one of my old video on Gram Panchayats earlier, how a global agribusiness company and manufacturer of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides, Syngenta increased brand awareness, enhanced brand image, established brand credibility, evoked brand feelings, created a sense of brand community and drew brand engagement through using agricultural mandi as a big tool in East Champaran district of Bihar. To know the activity in detail, you can click on the link to watch that video, Entering the Rural with a Punch of Gram Panchayats . While selling the products directly to the rural consumers, marketers can create brand awareness through their CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities in the mandis. So now that all marketers know the true power of rural mandis, how many of you would like to capture it? I have a very special gift for all my readers. So here is a deal. All you need to do is to click on the banner on Mandi Data on the right side bar on the website and get a complete list of mandis across India, which will assist you in planning a strong rural market strategy. Thank you for reading the blog, if you have missed any episode, read first, second, third and forth episodes to see the complete picture. If you want something more interesting just let me know and you will have it. Considering the potential of rural mandis, no marketer can ignore them. So friends, gear up for generating maximum share from rural mandi activation. All you need to do is to get in touch with us. We, with a highly experienced team of marketing and business professionals can get you lion’s share from the brand activation in rural agriculture mandis. Keep watching my videos and reading blogs. If you want something more interesting just let me know and you will have it. Thank you for reading the blog. Watch out for the space on my next video and blog which is going to be on Agriculture Fairs. Take care. Bye bye.

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