9 Actionable Laws Of Branding
Branding: Differentiate or Disappear. – By Ajay Adlakha If water can be commoditized and rendered...
The Purpose of Purposing is the Purpose itself
WHY does a particular Brand exist? It all starts with Culture Currency. While the insight makes the...
Gauging creativity on the scale of actual math to myth…
Hey, wondering… Apple’s logo is quite attractive. And so is Pepsi. McDonald’s golden arches...
new Dabur ‘LAL’ TVC recreate-min
Can the new Dabur ‘LAL’ TVC recreate the same Nirma magic of yesteryears?
An example of the paradigm shift from ATTENTION to ATTRACTION economy
Whatsapp down
Why couldn’t we say “WhatsApp was down.. so what!!”
WhatsApp is down!!! On the 25th of October, the instant messaging platform WhatsApp was down for some...
Mankind-Pharma-pulls-out-controversial-Navratri-themed-ad-campaign-featuring-Sunny-Leone-features (1)
Steps to both companies and advertisers before giving birth to creativity
When I see such ads, it prompts me to be critical about it and that’s what I initially wanted to do,...
Responsible marketing in the time of B2B and B2C
The conventional understanding is that if you are a business selling to another business, it is B2B....
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