If you think a good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design

Dr. Ralf Speth

Concerned !

Your brand is not yielding results...

Worried about
next generation not
joining your

Wondering how to
attract best talent ?

Is your
getting the price you deserve !

Is your team as passionate as your vision ?

Are you aware of the potential and brand value of your

Do you know how to upscale your
to next level

Are you worried about money being drained due to inadequate marketing strategy ?

Time to Introspect !!!

If your answer to all the above questions is ‘YES’, then – Trust Me – you are short-charging the true potential of your business. Do you know upscaling your business is a science? If you don’t then somewhere your oversight is limiting your desired business growth.

Don’t you think it’s time for introspection !!!

Get Clarity, Control and Focus on your brand and future of your business

Gain absolute control on your business and develop
valuation which can go upto 3X ,5X, 10X and more.

Command Premium price that your brand deserves and scale your business in new

Attract best talents and create a way for future generations.

Focus on innovative strategies that will give consistent growth.

Studies around the world have shown that average family-owned businesses last for 24 years. Only 30% of family-owned businesses are successfully passed to the next generation because they understood the power branding to build valuable brands.

He is a renowned Business Coach and Brand Marketing Strategist in India and the creator of the USA Brand Framework. His work in the field of brand building, business growth, and entrepreneurial success has been applauded by many of the leading entrepreneurs in India. He believes that in order to succeed as an entrepreneur in India, one should have a clear understanding of the Indian market, the right strategies to reach the right customers, and the right methods to increase profitability.

How Ajay Adlakha Can Help You?

Many entrepreneurs do not have strong marketing and strategic teams. The worst part is their so-called teams keep themselves busy in doing fragmented and unstructured workwith almost no focus.

Ajay Adlakha fills this gap with his scientifically Researched USA Framework that helps businessowners get control of their brands, increase focus on brand strategies, brand valuation to upscale, optimize your business multi-fold. Brand Marketing Strategist

USA Framework

Unify all brands collaterals to re-define a brand’s mission and vision in order to ensure uniformity in all modes of communications in order to augment business goals while also ensuring its cultural values.

Simplify your complex operations by developing a practical brand manual that enhance a brand strategy, its positioning along with brand architecture.

Amplify your brand by re-branding, auditing, training and effective marketing, both online and offline, for global scalability.

In the past 20 years, only a very few brands have become global brands because they know very well that brands are the global currency of success. To learn strategies and tools for successful brand planning.

If you have a question?

You talk, we listen

Schedule a call to tell us about your goals, challenges and your business visions. We will apply our expertise and tools to create your customized growth plan.

We bring your plan to

We walk you through the USA Framework and start putting your growth plan in action.

You start

Through a focused approach, you will begin to attract and engage with your ideal customers like never before.

You don’t have to keep feeling frustrated with your marketing. Stop wasting time on ineffective strategies. Entrepreneurs in India

Creator of USA Framework for brands management and upscaling your business

With an extensive 25+ years of experience, Ajay Adlakha, Managing Director of Infinity Advertising Services Pvt. Ltd.– a top Advertising Agency in Delhi, India has acknowledged authority in Strategic brand Communications, Retail & Rural Marketing.

Awarded among the 50 most influential advertising professionals, he enjoys the distinction of being one of the pioneers in Rural Marketing in India. He is acknowledged for giving an entirely new dimension to how Branding and Rural Marketing are perceived & practiced in India. Entrepreneurs in India

A critically acclaimed persona in the Advertising Industry, Ajay Adlakha is a recipient of numerous marketing and branding awards. He enjoys a rich heritage of having carved a distinct Corporate Identity and build strong Brand Equity for National and International brands and Companies alike through purposeful branding solutions, thereby enabling them to achieve their desired objectives and establish a strong foothold in the Indian Market.

He also enjoys the distinction of having devised cutting-edge Branding and Business Upscaling strategies and communication solutions for India entry and otherwise for a plethora of national and international brands across industry verticals.

Besides, a host of clients from Healthcare, IT / Telecom, Banking & Finance, Automobile, Aviation, FMCG/ FMCD, Consumer Electronics, Power, Infrastructure Industry, etc on regular basis, seek his Strategic Inputs.

Ajay Adlakha’s ocean of knowledge combined with his ‘out of the box’ strategic thought process always enables him to deliver results beyond clients’ expectations. He brings with him a diverse array of knowledge, experience, and skill in Brand Positioning, Strategic Planning, and Corporate Communications.

Ajay Adlakha’s uncanny ability helps him identify, assess, predict and develop a wholesome ecosystem on consumer insights for the particular brand/ product. Entrepreneurs in India

 To his distinct credit, Ajay Adlakha’s book ‘Brand Dharma of Entrepreneurs has benefited many entrepreneurs in understanding the concept of brand valuation and building the ecosystem around their brands in order to in order upscale their businesses.

He is also authoring another critical book “Why Nobody cares for your Brand” and is all set to storm the markets sooooooooooon……!

Whether you are a start-up or a business with a complex model, Ajay Adlakha’s marketing and branding module ‘USA Framework’ is the sure-fire gateway to transform brands and upscale businesses into high-powered ones. Brand Marketing Strategist. Entrepreneurs in India

“I deliver because I live and breathe branding”
– Ajay Adlakha

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    Very few understand ‘brand’ the way Ajay does. Coupled with his vast knowledge in the domain, he has this unique ability to see, treat and grow the brand both from the organization’s and the consumer’s perspective. Ajay’s insights even turned heads at a 37-year old brand like Apollo that’s Hospitals, and I was the witness on how he transformed it from a good brand to a one loved by consumers. Whether it’s taking advice on the brand or advertising, Ajay is definitely my first choice, and for those who haven’t experienced him yet, I suggest please just meet him once and the rest will be a journey worth cherishing and rewarding.

    Sougat Chatterjee, CEO
    Apollo Hospitals Preventive Health

    Sougat Chatterjee, CEO
    Apollo Hospitals Preventive Health

    It pains me to see business owners exhausting all their resources in daily quick fixes, only to know their brands are going nowhere.

    Hence, I have made it my mission to work closely with energetic Entrepreneurs desirous of developing magnetic brands which are profitable, scalable & valuable.Brand Marketing Strategist

    Ajay Adlakha

    Brand and Business Upscaling Specialist

    Ajay Adlakha

    Business Upscaling Specialist

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