Gauging creativity on the scale of actual math to myth…

Hey, wondering… Apple’s logo is quite attractive. And so is Pepsi. McDonald’s golden arches are also wonderfully designed. What if I tell you that these are beyond creativity and are engineered into complex numerical dramas called the Fibonacci series? Most of you may know this, but for others, this could be a disturbing nudge.  We […]

Why couldn’t we say “WhatsApp was down.. so what!!”

Whatsapp down

WhatsApp is down!!! On the 25th of October, the instant messaging platform WhatsApp was down for some time and it seemed as if the world had come to a stand still. People were worried, clueless, and anxious as is it was doomsday.  Being a tech enthusiast myself I am an ardent admirer of technology but […]

Responsible marketing in the time of B2B and B2C

The conventional understanding is that if you are a business selling to another business, it is B2B. If you are a business selling directly to consumers, then you are a B2C. This has been the tradition and continues to be for most marketers until today. In this categorisation, marketers are missing something crucial. Responsible marketing. […]